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Mascola Anteriors has been developed to provide Technical and Practical design answers for quality minded Dentists in the anterior region of their practice. Our goal is to work with you, your staff and your patient to provide the most beautiful and predictable Cosmetic and Esthetic restorations available anywhere.

No one would begin a trip without knowing where they were going. You would end up somewhere you never intended… you may even get lost… costing you untold hours of frustration. Cosmetic and Esthetic Dentistry is the same. Thoughtful case planning with one of our highly trained specialists in “Smile Design” will allow you the security of knowing where you are going and arriving there with a minimal amount of effort. The end result will be a beautiful case you are proud of and savings of valuable chair time.

Smile Design” principles are built on an orderly system of acknowledged techniques that have been in practice for decades. During the Cosmetic and Esthetic revolutions of the late 20th Century, these principles came into focus  in order to achieve highly desirable Smile Makeovers.

The very best reference your practice can have from your patients is a great smile that everyone notices. We invite you today to review our “Rx for Success Anterior Checklist” and begin taking major steps toward providing the type of Quality Anteriors you have always wanted.