Rx for Success


Rx For Success

For a predictable and successful case, we highly recommend you send the following with your completed and detailed Rx.

  1. *Accurate full mouth maxillary; mandibular impressions using rigid trays. Please capture all tissue, ridges and flanges as well.
  2. *Pre-op Models. Accurate and clean including tissue.
  3. Instruction on Case Plan Intelligent design will save hours of chair time.
  4. Selective prepping will allow our ceramist to stay within the arch form and avoid show through. Closing diastemas will usually require interproximal sub gingival prepping and bulky cuspids can be eliminated by flattening the distal facial aspect.
  5. *Stump Shade for all ZR, Emax, Empress or Porcelain veneer cases. This is very important. Use an Ivoclar stump shade guide or Vita shade guide.
  6. *Accurate bite registration.
  7. Stick Bite: Make sure the patient is standing and align the 6” stick with the interpupillary plane or horizontal plane of the earth. Using the lower lip line as the horizontal plane can cause a slant in the case if it contains asymmetry but is of great use in determining phonetics.
  8. Face bow transfer for all full arch cases. Your choice of articulation: SAM III, Panadent, Ivoclar, Denar, Whip Mix, etc.
  9. Choose a smile from one of the recognized Smile Catalogues (LVI, Discuss) or design one with Smile Guide Touch App for your IPAD.
  10. *Desired length of #8 and #9 from the height of the gingival zenith to the middle of the incisal edge.
  11. Photos: Please make sure all photos have proper vertical and horizontal viewpoint. Avoid “tipping” the camera. If you shoot crooked we’ll see crooked. Pre-op Full Smile, Full face no anesthetic.
    1. Nose to chin directly in front of patient in full smile
    2. Retracted view of patient in Centric Occlusion.
    3. Stick bite in place from eyes to chin, patient standing, horizontal plane alignment and accurate.
    4. Preps retracted view with stump shade matching.
    5. Profile view to explain “jet” problems that may exist.

*Items with asterisk are required.

Download Mascola Anterior Prescription Form