Mascola Esthetics Guarantees our Products for Five Years from Date of Invoice.


We guarantee our work to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. All dental restorations will be constructed using the appropriate materials and the best practices of any well run dental laboratory and will adhere to the written specifications provided with each case. Our warranty policy is intended to be as fair as possible for the dentist, the patient, and for us. If the restoration failed as a result of trauma or abuse by the patient and the dentist is charging the patient for the new restoration, then we would want the dentist to tell us that so that we can also charge for the lab-work. The following appliances are not covered by any warranties, or guarantee, because of their temporary or fragile nature:
  • Immediate Denture
  • Acrylic Partial (transitional, flipper)
  • Immediate acrylic partial
  • Acrylic temporary crowns
  • Veneers
  • Repair of existing appliances
  • Relines of existing appliances
  • Repair of appliance that was manufactured by another
What is covered:
  • Repair or replacement of appliance and or restoration.
What is not covered:
  • Cost incurred for removal or reinsertion.
  • Cash refund for appliance or restoration.
  • All ceramic bridges or crowns that have been adjusted, including implants.
  • Incidental or consequential damages, lost wages, inconvenience or pain and suffering.
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
There may be additional charges in the following circumstances:
  • If the original dental restoration in not returned to us.
  • If the case is re-prepped and a new impression is sent.
  • If the shade is different from the original order.
  • If the restoration materials are different from the original order.
  • If we asked for a new impression and you asked us to proceed without one.
  • If we advised you that we could not guarantee the quality of this order and you asked us to proceed anyway.
  • If we requested a try-in and you asked us to proceed without one.
  • If we received no study model for anterior cases and/or no specific directions.

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    The Mascola Warranty